Proofreading service(s)

Proofreading services are and have always been quite crucial for every publisher. Due to the good work of the proofreaders the publishers can be sure that the book they print will have no spelling or grammar mistakes. However, proofreading is not all about writing errors, but can also make sure that the text it semantically correct. This service of course costs more and not all companies offer that. Usually authors do not want other people to make significant changes in their works and prefer the text to stay in its original form.

There are several types of proofreading. The first one is checking by a single reader. He is responsible to read the whole text and to make sure that there are no typos or grammar errors whatsoever. If needed, he can read the whole text once again.
There are several types of making the reading itself. It can be quick or thorough.

The quick one involves only skimming and skamming of the text. The advantage of this method is that it is very quick and time-saving. However, the quality of the examination is much lower and so the possibility for unseen mistakes to be left behind is much bigger. On the other hand the thorough proofreading service is much more time-consuming but this time the possibility of unseen inaccuracies is minimal. That’s why the latter type of proofing is more expensive.

The thorough type of proofreading is divided in to three types – single reading, double reading at the same time, and double reading one after another. The first type is the most common – one reader is in charge of the whole text and only he is responsible for correcting the text. Double reading at the same time means that one reader is reading the text out loud and another one is following the text.

Thus the readers correct not only the spelling and grammar mistakes easier, but can also detect semantic mistakes. Double reading one after another means that the text is read by two different readers who check the text individually. Of course the first type of proofreading services is the cheapest, the second is more expensive and the thirs is the most expensive.